Embassy Tours

On this page I am offering discounted rates on excellent tours of Jerusalem for Embassy employees, their guests and those who work in affiliated fields. 


For more information about tours or to make a reservation, contact me at tourguideleah@gmail.com or WhatsApp at +972-50-6558670 

(I do not answer calls/messages on the Jewish Sabbath or holidays. Feel free to send a WhatsApp message or email anytime, and I will reply asap).

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2 Hour Tour

Jerusalem is such a fascinating city that most visitors agree that a few hours is definitely not enough! However, I do offer this shorter tour if you want to get started touring on the day you arrive to Israel for an early evening tour, if you simply don't have any more time for a tour, or for a tour of one site in-depth.

690 Shekels (approx. $215 USD)*

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

4 Hour Tour

4 hours is ideal for a fast-paced tour of the highlights of the 4 quarters and the key holy sites. If you have a few days to tour in Jerusalem, it works well to do two 4 or 6 hour tours to cover a lot of ground and also allow plenty of down time to enjoy the restaurants, markets and unique atmosphere of Jerusalem.

A 4 hour tour includes a 15 minute snack break and additional short breaks as needed by the group.

890 Shekels (approx. $275 USD)*

Southern Excavations Temple Mount
Ancient Olive Tree Gethsemane

6 Hour Tour

A 6 hour tour is the perfect way to maximize touring time without it being "too much" for one day. It also works well for anyone who would like a little extra time whether it's for more in-depth touring or taking the walking at a slower pace. Tour includes at short lunch break and other breaks as needed by the group. For families with children and teens, 6 hours is ideal for a full Old City tour.

Most guides charge the same fee for a 6 hour tour as a full day tour, because it essentially fills the day. I am happy to offer this option because most people find 6 hours to be just the perfect length of time for a Jerusalem walking tour.

1090 Shekels (approx. $335 USD)*

8 Hour Tour

An 8 hour tour is great for anyone with only one day to tour in Jerusalem, for adults with a lot of energy for walking and learning about Jerusalem, or for those who would like to combine sites in the Old City with places in Modern Jerusalem. An 8 hour tour includes a short lunch break and two 10 minute breaks or as needed by the group. I do not recommend an 8 hour walking for for families with children or teens.

1290 Shekels (approx. $400 USD)*

Christmas in Bethlehem

1/2 Day in Bethlehem

A professional driver in an air-conditioned mini van will pick you up at your hotel in Jerusalem and take you to key sites in Bethlehem: Shepherds' Field, Manger Square and the Church of the Nativity, the Chapel of the Milk Grotto and more. A local Palestinian guide will join you in Bethlehem for touring the Church of the Nativity. Driver will take you back to your hotel or other location in Jerusalem at the end of the tour. Bethlehem tour is recommended for 9am -1pm.

*Guiding fees are for tours booked as of August 15, 2022.


Guiding fees listed here are discounted rates for your group, not per person. A group is one family (with children under age 12) or up to 10 adults/teens for Jerusalem Tours. Bethlehem Tours are for up to 5 people. Guiding fees do not include entrance fees, transportation, or meals if any. All fees are detailed in a personalized itinerary in advance. 


If two families with young children feel it would work well to tour together, it's possible to do a tour for both for an additional fee of 100 shekels for the additional family. For example, a 4-hour tour for 2 families together would be 990 shekels. I have special games, videos I am developing, prizes, and surprises to engage children in the content of the tour. Let me know their ages so I can bring along the right ones. For tours with young children, it's ideal to keep the group to the immediate family or some close relatives/friends. This way, I can give the children extra attention and age-appropriate explanations, and that way everyone has a good time.  

Guiding fees are quoted in Shekels (ILS or NIS). USD fees are listed only to give a general sense of the amount, but the exact shekel/dollar rate fluctuates frequently. Payment is due by the end of the tour in Shekels cash or by credit card on a secure app on my phone.  


There is no deposit required for Embassy tours, and no cancellation fees in the event of restrictions on visiting the area for government employees of your country or Covid issues/restrictions. I provide receipts that are VAT exempt because I have the status of a small business. Drivers generally accept payment in cash only. Some sites with small entrance fees such as 5-10 shekels pp will only accept payment in cash as well. 

If the group starts late or takes longer than planned for breaks, we might not see everything planned. When possible, I am happy to give a few extra minutes to finish the route, at no additional charge, because it's hard for me to know exactly how long visiting each site will take due to many variables. Drivers, however, generally do charge for each additional 15 minutes.


Friday tours are up to 4-6 hours (depending on the season), starting by 8:30 am, and I do not guide tours on Saturday due to the Jewish Sabbath.  However, the Bethlehem visit can be any day of the week. Jerusalem tours can start any time of day from 8 am.  Starting early is good for avoiding the crowds, but Jerusalem has a unique and special atmosphere during all of the different times of the day. Late afternoon is also beautiful, shady, and often less crowded.


Feel free to browse other pages on my website. The other Embassy tour pages do not appear in the general website menu, so in order to return to these pages, use the link you received by email or WhatsApp.

The Old City has a lot of walking and stairs. Let me know if anyone has limitations on mobility and I can suggest options for a more accessible Jerusalem tour.

Old City Shops: Time permitting, and if you are interested, it can be nice to introduce you to some shop owners in the different quarters because it is a wonderful way to meet residents of the old city, many of whom have fascinating family stories about their connections to Jerusalem. I do not take commissions from stores, and I try to encourage the shop owners to give you their best prices. However, it's still worthwhile to bargain with them a little beyond their initial price quote. Due to the lockdowns, I developed an online shop to help others help the Old City shops which have been suffering, and to allow people a hassle-free way to purchase Old City quality items. Check out the website for a preview of what to expect in the Old City Market.

Covid-19 Precautions and Restrictions:  It's best to check the most up-to-date rules before reserving flights or making plans. I follow guidelines as recommended by the Ministry of Health.

What to Wear/Bring Along:

Casual clothes for being active outside, comfortable walking shoes with good treads, a backpack (some prefer), water, snacks just-in-case, sunhat, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Tissues and hand sanitizer can always be useful for under-stocked bathrooms. Masks may be required indoors. There is no dress code in general in Jerusalem. If you will be visiting holy sites, you will want modest clothes that cover shoulders and knees or a scarf put on over whatever you are wearing. Men/boys need a head covering for the Western Wall. Any kind of hat is fine. They also provide souvenir yarmulkas (kipot) there. If you are visiting the Temple Mount, ask about additional modesty requirements. Most churches do not allow adults/teens to enter wearing shorts. Winter tours are most enjoyable with clothes for being active in cool temperatures like thermal and fleece layers, waterproof jackets, and waterproof shoes with good treads for possibly slippery walkways or puddles. Keep in mind that Jerusalem is often cooler than other parts of the country such as Tel Aviv, particularly early mornings and evenings. Check the weather before your visit.