Tel Aviv/Jaffa 


Walking Tour:

From Ancient Jaffa to Modern Tel Aviv and the State of Israel


Includes some of these such as:

*Old Jaffa and Art Galleries

*Jaffa Flea Market

*Etzel Museum

*"Tachana," an elegant shopping and dining area in a renewed historic train station.

*Neve Tzedek - one of the first modern neighborhoods outside Old Jaffa, and the place where Rav Kook lived when he was Chief Rabbi of Jaffa.

*Shalom Tower - Independence Hall - where the State of Israel was declared. 

Driving Tour:

See highlights throughout the City such as the following:

*Old Jaffa and the Mediterranean Sea

*Independence Hall

*Palmach Museum or (Renewed!) Museum of the Jewish People

*Sarona - first offices of the President of Israel and the Ministry of Defense (the Kirya)

*Azrieli Towers Lookout

*Tel Aviv Port

*Unique Tel Aviv architecture from 1920s until today

*Original City Hall and home of Chaim Nachman Bialik, Israel's National Poet.


Important Info: 

- It's possible to also include a visit to the Carmel Market and Nachalat Binyamin Art Fair (on Tuesdays and Fridays) for those who enjoy walking.

- How about a Segway tour along the beach? (Ages 16 and older).

-Many Lunch options (Regular Kosher and Mehadrin)  

- Ask about movies, games, prizes and crafts to make the extra special for kids 5 and up. 

- Walking tour includes a good amount of walking, some stairs.

-Most sites are accessible for strollers or wheelchairs.

- Tour is for up to 8 hours. Fee does not include entrance fees or transportation, if any.

Full Day *1540 NIS (approx $450 USD)

Half Day (up to 6 hours) *1330 NIS (approx $390 USD)

*Guiding fee does not include entrance fees, transportation or meals, if any. All fees are detailed in advance. There may be additional fees for groups larger than 10 adults or one family. Additional fee per additional family per tour of 150 shekels. Guiding fees are quoted in shekels (NIS). There is an additional fee of 150 shekels per tour for tours during high season (such as Holiday Weeks and Summer). Please see our FAQ page for all terms and conditions. Tours include games, prizes and surprises for kids of all ages.

Craft Market Tel Aviv
View from Old Jaffa
Tel Aviv Beach
Tel Aviv Architecture
Independence Hall
Tel Aviv Promenade
Azrieli Towers