Why do online Zoom Tours? 

Whether you are hoping to visit soon, or perhaps had to cancel your trip this year, or just always love to learn about Israel, there's so much that can be done online! If you cannot come to Israel, Israel will come to you!


Leah shares an exciting 3D presentation unique to each destination that has been prepared based on years of learning and experience at these sites. It includes beautiful photographs, maps, historical documents, the music of Israel, and short relevant videos. Leah will narrate the live presentation with inspiring stories and meaningful information. You will feel as if you are on an actual visit to Israel!

Group Zoom tours are great for adults for a special low price: $12.50 USD per tour. It just takes a moment to sign up on this website, pay by credit card through PayPal, and you will immediately receive a Zoom link for your tour to use at the scheduled time. We are currently offering tours on occasion, with different topics, for adults of all levels of knowledge about Israel.


Private Zoom tours are ideal if you have a group of friends, family, or colleagues who want to get together on Zoom and share an Israel experience. A private tour is also perfect for kids. Perhaps you have a particular site in mind that you would like a custom-designed virtual visit to, or you would like to create a special event in honor of a holiday, bar/bat mitzvah, birthday, or another special occasion that your guests can attend from their own homes. For private tours, please see attached information and contact me to reserve a tour.

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